There are many, many bookmakers to choose from in Australia, but Ladbrokes remains a firm favourite.

The Ladbrokes InfoHub is a primary attraction. Built to help you punt better, it provides tonnes of data to improve your understanding of the horse racing and sports betting markets.

Another useful tool is the Ladbrokes Odds Boost. Available at least once per day - because it’s renewed at midnight - it lets you increase your odds on any runner in any thoroughbred, harness or greyhound race. Runners of all prices are valid. In addition, you can use Pick Your Own Odds to set your own margin for a particular race and increase your odds.

Anytime you want to stick some cash in your Ladbrokes account, enjoy the benefits of Ladbrokes Cash-In. Simply head to the nearest Post Office with your Ladbrokes debit card. Then there’s multi bet cash out for punters who take on multi bets.

Ladbrokes likes to see you experiment, too. So there are some fun tools, including Favourite vs Field, via which you can set the entire field to win against the favourite, as well as Early Quaddies, which allows you to pop a Quaddie on a meeting’s last four races, in place of the first four.

For punters in the NRL and AFL markets, the Ladbrokes Australia Tipping Competitions are a big drawcard. There’s $1,000 in the ring every week and, come the season’s end, $10,000. Also, to bet live on sports whenever you feel like it, go to Ladbrokes Live Play.

With your computer or mobile device in hand, you can use Ladbrokes excellent live streaming option to watch Victorian race meetings as they happen.

Ladbrokes Bonus Bets Offer

A significant attraction for customers new to Ladbrokes is the Ladbrokes SignUp bonus. When you make your first deposit, Ladbrokes gives you $1 in bonus bets for every $1 you pop in your account, up to a value of $500. So, from the minute you start punting with Ladbrokes, you get benefits.

What’s more, Ladbrokes doesn’t couch such amazing offers in hidden clauses and nasty tricks. In fact, you can be rest assured that you’ll know what you’re in for - every time you accept a bonus bet. Most of the time, you can count on impressively low turnover requirements.

To begin, most Ladbrokes bonus bets have a turnover requirement of just once. In other words, turn over the bonus and you can then withdraw it. This rule is a bit different with the SignUp bonus, which must be turned over twice before withdrawal is permitted. Be mindful, too, that bonus bets can only be used in fixed odds markets worth $1.50 or more. To make the most of your bonus bets, it’s a good idea to remember these rules.

Are you unenthusiastic about churning through your bonus bet all at once? Ladbrokes are happy for you to cut yours into four, smaller amounts.

Ladbrokes Key Products

In this section, we examine Ladbrokes’ long list of features in more detail.

The first stop for most punters is the Ladbrokes InfoHub. It’s 100% devoted to bringing you as much information and data as possible, covering the racing and sports betting markets.

The Ladbrokes InfoHub is divided into two. The first category is concerned with the horse markets. Visit it to find race overviews, form guides, featured bets for all markets, price fluctuations, live video and speed maps. Make sure you check out the Bet Tracker, which shows you feature bets and fluctuations.

The second category covers the sports markets. Browse through to discover market overviews, pre-game stats, trending betting data, head-to-head market analysis, featured bets, price fluctuations, live video and the Bet Tracker.

You can use this wealth of detail to make the best picks when it comes to runners. Then, once a day at least, you can use Ladbrokes Odds Boost to improve your odds on your hottest tip. It’s renewed at midnight and is applicable to any runner of any price in any harness, thoroughbred or greyhound race.

For punters whose forte is multi bets, the Ladbrokes Multi Maker is a dream. Located in the main menu, it allows you to construct a multi over a range of sporting codes markets, via a handful of clicks.

Do you like to see Australia’s highest-performing jockeys in action? See them on the go, thanks to exclusive footage provided by Ladbrokes’ Ride Guide. You’ll also get insights into their race tactics and strategies.

Ladbrokes Mobile App Betting

As any keen punter knows, betting mobile apps that don’t perform properly can be incredibly frustrating. That’s where the Ladbrokes Mobile App differs. Developed by outstanding experts with cutting-edge technology, it gives you direct access to Ladbrokes whenever you want it. You need nothing more than a mobile device and way to connect to the Internet.

Getting started on the Ladbrokes Mobile App is a walk in the park. Go to the Ladbrokes website, locate the app, download and install it. This process isn’t complicated and won’t take long at all. In case you’re wondering, the app works for Apple and Android devices. We think of its as one of the market’s best bookmaker mobile apps.

As soon as you familiarise yourself with the app, you’ll be clear on why we say that. Ladbrokes fantastic features and mobile betting markets are just a few swipes away. Plus, you can make comparisons between markets with ease. When you’ve made your picks, lay down bets with the bet slip. It’s easy to edit and update.

Finally, you’re highly likely to love taking advantage of the Ladbrokes Mobile App’s exclusive betting promotions.

Ladbrokes Our Opinion

In this section, we’re going to give you our honest opinion of Ladbrokes. It’s not difficult, because we don’t have to pretend. We’re convinced that Ladbrokes is one of Australia’s top book makers.

We have a very high opinion of the Ladbrokes InfoHub. We simply can’t imagine a place online where you’d find more information and statistics. On top of that, you can enjoy higher odds on selected runners every day of the year when you apply the Ladbrokes Odds Boost.

People using Ladbrokes for the first time usually love the SignUp bonus. It makes sure that the bonus bets start coming straight away, by bringing you as much as $500 worth. After that, the bonus bet promotions don’t stop - you’ll find yourself being offered one after the other. These promotions cover racing markets and sports markets in Australia and overseas. However, turnover requirements remain as low as possible.

To make the most of these features at your leisure, download the Ladbrokes mobile betting app to your mobile device. You’ll have 24/7 access to Ladbrokes, as well as stacks of exclusive betting promotions.

Whether you bet via the Ladbrokes website or the Ladbrokes Mobile Betting App, you can look forward to a unique experience.